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Pantallas T�rmicas Aluminizadas

IPP ALU WHITE Gloom Lateral Screen en Pantallas T�rmicas Aluminizadas
 IPP ALU WHITE Gloom Lateral Screen
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It is a sheet consisting of polyester tapes equipped or not with a thin layer of aluminum woven together with acrylic wire.


Photoperiod-type inner screen.

They are blackout screens and cause a shorter day to induce flowering of certain flowers.


Energy savings:             80%.

Shade:                            100%. 

The most important advantages are among others the control of temperature, light, moisture and heating systems that can save up to 70%, eliminating of extreme thermal drop, reducing of roof leakage, reduced water consumption : lower transpiration by plants, reducing the light at specific times ...
We have a wide range of screens, differing from each other by factors as the climate of the area or the type of crop the greenhouse is intended for.


We distinguish a screen from another by the composition of the used material and the structure of the screen, it can be open or closed.

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Gloom Lateral Screen
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