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Referencia: DCP-30 TOP4

DCP-30 Desert Cooler TOP4


Technical Features:


Empty Weight:          44 Kg*

Motor power:             1,100 W.

Air flow:                      16000 m3 / h.

Fan Diameter:          780 mm.

No. Blades:               6


* Three-phase motor for single phase  check availability.


The ACOM cooling is an efficient cooling system in places where you intend to maintain a constant and fresh temperature through the humidification cell panels that cool the atmosphere by evaporation of water that is circulated through the extractors, from one end of the surface to the other.


It is a compact evaporative air cooling. The principle of evaporative cooling can reduce air temperature and get the right climate for the proper functioning of the installation. The presence of moisture determines the reduction or increase in air temperature to be treated.


It consists of a plastic pond that stores water, cooling pad, a water feed pump and a suction fan that makes the air pass through the panels getting a reduction of temperature and humidity is increased in the air.


Easy installation, minimal requirements of civil works and low power consumption, make this an ideal evaporative cooling equipment.

Medidas disponibles:
1.360 mm1.000 mm2.500 mm

TOP4 DCP30 model is a version of the cooling unit with an output tower and adjustable air deflectors.


It can be installed inside or outside of the structure that needs to be cooled.


If the installation is supplied for outside the system of holding through flanges for connection to perforated plastic pipes will be supplied in option.

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