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Cooling System

Fan-Extractor en Cooling System
Referencia: EM36-1

EM Fan 36-1 *


Technical Features:


Pot. Rated at :                735 w.

Phases:                          3

Speed:                            1

Frequency:                     50/60 Hz

Voltage:                          230/400 V.

Int Power:                      3,5 / 2 A.

Vel. Motor (50/60 Hz):  1.400/1.700 rpm

Total Weight:                 67 kg

Vel. Fan:                         580 rpm.

Air Flow (0 Pa):             22.250 m3 / h.

Rend. Specific:             18.5

Number of blades:      6


* Check the availability of single-phase units and / or multirate

The extractors are fans of great flow when a great ability to move air is required,and provides therefore an economical solution for the high demand of air flow and high quality material.
Medidas disponibles:
530 mm1090 mm1090 mm
The propeller has a design that includes self-cleaning properties. The square housing and blades are made of galvanized steel. The 6 blade propeller is statically and dynamically balanced. Is fixed to a pulley and belt drive ensures a low speed of the propeller, achieving greater efficiency and lower power consumption and low noise.


The blind is made of galvanized steel, is tightly closed when the fan is not running to prevent air leakage. No cleaning is necessary because the dust does not affect the opening and closing movements.

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