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GrowingTable en PVC
Referencia: MC2, MC1.5 y MC1



Growing table with drainage for irrigation and growing of crops of PVC




                                     Long duration in corrosive environments


Improving of the performance and work ergonomic conditions


All the edges of the growing table are rounded with plastic rubber for avoiding possible cuttings in case of impact.





Aluminium for sides

Legs in galvanized steel

PVC for corners

Bottom:                                    Composed by independent flooding pallets

Height of the growing table:      90 cm

Placement of the legs:               From 0.5 to 1 m from the edge to the center of the table

Weight/leg:                              200 Kg

Height of the legs:                     Regulable

These growing tables offer the ideal solution for the irrigation processes. The tray can be irrigated through water or through a nutrient solution according to the principle of capillarity, forming a closed system.


With a small water and fertilizer consumption, it is achieved an automatic irrigation or fertilization with short intervals of irrigation and getting high power savings.


The aluminium perforated coating favours a microclimate, due to the fact that it allows an air flow to the crops from the lower part.


Moreover, the thermal properties of the aluminium  favour an optimum thermal adaptation of the table.


The "wave grid" coating allows an optimum heat circulation. There are several sizes of mesh and thickness available, depending on the size of the pots, in stainless steel and in galvanized steel.

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